This course is Vegetarian friendlyGluten free

Vegetarian people may struggle to find sushi they can eat even in Japan. Most kinds of sushi include a lot of fish. Some, however, do not! There are many kinds of sushi in Japan and I would like you to enjoy sushi, so I have made some special recipes for vegetarian people.

This course takes about 3 hours, including…

  • Cooking sushi rice
  • Preparing the other sushi ingredients
  • Putting the rice and other ingredients together to create a beautiful sushi dish
  • Making “dashi” soup stock and miso soup
  • Tasting the cooked food

You do not have to clean up and wash up.


Choose one sushi dish from…

1.Vegetarian nigiri & maki zushi

Making sushi rice and shaping it into little balls by hand, using tamago-yaki (Japanese-style omlette) along with various vegetables including cucumbers, sweet peppers, carrots (decoratively sliced into flower shapes), Gingko nuts (when in season), sweetcorn, nori (dried seaweed) etc.


2.Vegetarian chirashi zushi



Making sushi rice and cooking some vegetables and omlette slices to go on the rice. Includes avocado, nori (dried seaweeed), renkon (lotus root) mitsuba (honewort; cryptotaenia; a three-leaved herb; when in season) and ginger.


3.Vegetarian kazari inari


Making sushi rice and cooking fried tofu for the outer wrapping of inari-zushi.

Cooking some vegetables and omlette slices as decoration on the top.


Miso soup

Making “dashi” soup stock with vegetarian ingredients to make miso soup.


Price: \6,000/person

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