This cource is Gluten free, and could be Vegetarian friendly

Om-rice (omlette rice) is a very popular dish, especialy for young people. There are two types these days. The traditional one consists of ketchup-soaked rice wrapped in a thin omelette. Lately, another type called toro-toro om-rice has got popular. The ketchup rice isn’t wrapped: instead, a half-cooked scrambled type of egg is laid over the rice. The word “toro-toro” describes a condition between solid and liquid and it’s often used to describe delicious food.

The ketchup rice usually has small pieces of chicken in it, but if you are a vegetarian, we will make a vegetarian version of the rice.

This course takes about 3 hours, including…

  • Cooking ketchup-soaked rice
  • Making omellete rice
  • Cooking side dish
  • Making “dashi” soup stock and miso soup
  • Tasting the cooked food

You do not have to clean up and wash up.


Choose one om-rice dish from…



Wrapping rice with omellete into the shape of a rugby ball is a difficlt part of this.
I will show you the tecnique.

2. Toro-toro om-rice


Making “toro-toro” omellete is a difficult part of this.
I will show you the tecnique.

Side dish with seasonal vegetables

Miso soup
Making traditional “dashi” soup stock with bonito and kelp to make miso soup.

Price: \5,000/person

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