In Japan, there are a lot of teishoku restaurants. Teishoku (often translated as ‘set menu’) is a typical style of Japanese meal including a main dish, some side dishes, miso soup and rice. Tonkatsu, Karaage and Shogayaki are very popular from kids to adults.

This course takes about 3 hours, including…

  • Preparing the main dish (tonaktsu, karaage or shogayaki)
  • Cooking the main dish
  • Cooking side dishes
  • Cooking rice
  • Making “dashi” soup stock and miso soup
  • Eating the cooked food

You do not have to clean up and wash up.


Choose one main dish from…



Tonkatsu is deep-fried pork loin covered in crispy bread crumbs.


2.Karaage  (could be Gluten free)

Karaage is marinated and deep fried chiken covered in crispy batter.

If you need it to be gluten free, we will use a special gluten free batter.

3. Shogayaki Gluten free


Shogayaki is pork marinated in a special sauce with ginger and soy.

Price: \6,000/person

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