Osechi is a Japanese traditional meal for new year days. Usually, various kinds of cooked food are packed in a three-tier box and people have it to celebrate the new year. In this course, you can learn how to make 6 typical osechi.

This course takes about 5 hours, including…

  • Making “dashi” soup stock
  • Making 6 kinds of osechi using the dashi soup stock
  • Decorate them on a dish
  • Tasting the cooked food

You do not have to clean up and wash up.


  1. Namasu (pickled radish and carrot)
  2. Nishime (boiled vegetables)
  3. Tazukuri (dried small fish and nuts, carameled)
  4. Kuri kinton (sweetend chestnuts and sweet potatos)
  5. Datemaki (rolled egg)
  6. Kuromame (sweetend black beans)


Making traditional “dashi” soup stock with bonito and kelp to make zouni soup with mochi (rice cake).

Price: 15,000/person

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